Daniel's great-grandfather on his mothers side was a horse trainer for the lighthorse brigade,and his fathers side breed and raise Hereford cattle for generations and stock horses were used daily,so it is no wonder it's in his blood.

Through the passion of working with horses whether he rode to muster and trail ride, his desire to learn escalated in a passion for brumby running, campdrafting,reining,cutting,mountain racing,dressage,liberty and trick horses.
For two decades he has been honing his horsemanship skills and now passing it on to others.

His business Four To The Floor Horsemanship is designed to bridge the gap between different disciplines and form ground skills to riding performance manouvers.

Literally starting hundreds and hundreds of horses that have gone on to many different areas,he offers a down to earth no frills approach for people and their horses to follow.

A love of horses and knowledge developed through years of practice and a desire to learn as much as possible are what makes Daniel the horseman he is today.

Daniel riding a horse

"make the wrong thing difficult and the right thing easy"